Your Partner in Application Development

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Application Development Services

Stone Six Solutions staff has over fifteen years of experience developing PC applications using client/server, intranet, Geographic Information Systems and handheld technologies. We have worked in many industries, including Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Law Enforcement, government, banking and e-commerce. We focus on integrating the Microsoft suite of development tools for maximum productivity and data management. Our staff is Microsoft Certified in application development.


Stone Six Solutions has proven experience in implementing client/server projects incorporating multi-tier solutions. Applications leverage Visual Basic .NET as an interface and component development environment and SQL Server databases for highly scalable data maintenance.


Many of the technology projects we are working on contain some web-based component. Intranets are now ubiquitous in organizations and represent an efficient way to distribute database information to large groups of people easily. They are also being used to support fully functional information systems platforms. Stone Six Solutions specializes in application development using Microsoft's ASP.NET technology to develop server-based solutions.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Approximately 70% of all business data has some geographic component (The Gartner Group). GIS helps businesses to visualize and understand the geography behind their data. Consider the difference between viewing a list of sales figures by city and viewing a map of the state with various cities rendered in colors representing sales ranges. The visualization of data can often uncover hidden patterns and knowledge that can help you better service customers, locate opportunities, and understand how the geography around us affects our business. Stone Six Solutions has advanced skills in geographic data analysis and visualization with the MapInfo suite of products.


The data that we use is becoming increasingly mobile. Our pockets are beginning to bulge with the technology that keeps us connected to our business. Stone Six Solutions develops technology solutions that run on the Microsoft Windows PocketPC platform which powers leading handheld devices. We can help you take along all the data you need on sales calls, service calls, and other off-site business travel.

Web Services

Stone Six Solutions is dedicated to making your on-line vision a reality. We can help with new site implementations, redesigns, and upgrades. Our flexible team of expert specialists and our strategic partnership affiliations allow us to be involved in the smallest web presence project to the largest interactive web applications. Projects that we work on customarily fit into one of three categories: enhanced marketing efforts, detailed web development, and interactive/e-commerce implementations.

Enhanced Marketing Effort

The on-line market is growing at a thrilling rate. If your competitor has a presence on the web and you do not, you are exposed to a serious market disadvantage. Your customers want more detailed information about your products and services. They are looking on-line for that information before resorting to more conventional sources. If your information is only available in those conventional sources, many of your potential customers will never get to your listings, having already found what they are looking for on-line.

At Stone Six Solutions we will help you extend your current marketing efforts to the on-line medium. We will design, develop and implement a web site that effectively communicates your message. Your current and future customers will have a place to access all of the details that help them form a lasting relationship with your organization. You will be able to easily educate them on your products and services, answer their questions before they ask, inform them of specials you are offering and give them some insight into why they will continue to benefit from what you have to offer.

Detailed Web Development

When you are ready to make a significant commitment to your on-line presence we are prepared to take you beyond a simple marketing site. Your web site may be seamlessly integrated into your business processes. You can significantly reduce the amount of reliance your customers' have on traditional service methods by interacting with you on-line. Electronic messaging, discussion groups, and searchable knowledge bases can aid your customers while reducing the need for costly support resources. Your customers will be pleased that you have empowered them and you will be able to concentrate on growth rather than the maintenance of your business.

Interactivity and e-Commerce

e-Commerce is the function of conducting your business through an on-line mechanism. In addition to providing valuable information about your products and services, you can provide a web-based mechanism for the direct selling of your products and services. This medium can represent a cost-effective mechanism to expand your current business. Allowing your customers to interact with you in a way that minimizes direct human response allows you to increase your output while decreasing costs.

How Do We Do It?

Stone Six Solutions is prepared to partner with you to develop a web presence that will get results. We provide experts in the fields of site design, graphic design, database management and application development. We will work directly with you at all stages of analysis, design and implementation to make sure that your vision is understood and followed. We are prepared to help you understand the value of the following web development issues:

  • Intuitive Navigation
  • Rapid Page Loading
  • Internally Maintained Content
  • Effective Design and Presentation
  • Search Engine Placement
  • Order Processing
  • Data Management